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IFAE Careers

Training program

IFAE Training Program

This program aims to equip young researchers with the technical, professional, and personal skills necessary for success in academia and industry. Through a combination of coursework, research opportunities, and collaboration with leading scientists, participants will develop both their technical expertise and their ability to lead and innovate in their respective fields.

Career Development Program

Array of courses and activities to help researchers succeed in different phases of their careers.

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Innovation Development Program

Tools to better understand valorization, commercialization and partnerships with industry.

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Technical Development Program

Spacific training in different fields of expertise that are needed for our projects.

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Mentoring Program

Designed to help junior researchers articulate their career aspirations and feel supported.

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Seminars & Colloquia

Weekly talks from international researchers in the frontiers of fundamental ressearch.

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Resilience & Well-Being

Strengthening researchers’ capacity to face the challenges of a competitive research career, develop resilience and improve well-being.

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