Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


Personnel hired by IFAE regardless of role

Evolution of the gender balance at IFAE since 2015. The graph includes all categories of personnel Research, Technical and Administrative.


Gender balance evolution from undergraduate to staff

Evolution of gender balance across research personnel for different stages in the career, from High School students participating to the IFAE program “Bojos per la física”, the 1st year of UAB Physics Bachelor students, the students of the Postgraduate Program in High Energy Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology from IFAE/UAB/IIEC, the IFAE PhD students, the postdoctoral researchers at IFAE and the senior staff (including ICREA and UAB professors affiliated to IFAE).

This evolution is typical of gender equality in research and innovation. as shown in section 6 of the European Union SHE Figures report and usually more accentuated in STEM disciplines.

Our institute strives to reach and motivate the young generations with its outreach program, to foment applications of women at all levels, and to improve the evolution at each step of the career with its mentorship program.