PAUCam Filter Tray


Technical Facilities

X-Ray Inspection

Microelectronics Clean Room

The IFAE Microelectronics laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art packaging and assembly technologies, including bump deposition, flip-chip, automated wire-bonding and inspection systems. Altogether, this clean room equipment constitutes a unique chip packing facility in Spain.

    Euclid's Filter Wheel Assembly

    Mechanical Workshop

      CTA Trigger

      Electronics Laboratory


        Instrumentation Clean Room

        Lab to test newly built instruments before sending them to the experimental sites (CERN, ORM, JPARC, CTIO, EGO, etc.)

          Optical Room

          Optical laboratory equipped with an optical table and all equipment needed to test optical and infrared detectors, including a cryostat designed and built at IFAE.

            QCT Lab

            Quantum Computing Technologies Lab

              Grey Room

                Shielded Room

                30 m2 shielded room to test large instruments in a low electronic noise environment