PAUCam Filter Tray


Technical Facilities

Mechanical Workshop

About 25% of the IFAE Technical Division building is devoted to precise mechanics of relatively large pieces. It is equipped with three CNC milling machines, technology for wire cutting, electro-erosion, rectification and welding, and metrology equipment for quality control including an optical table (designed and built at IFAE) with micron-level accuracy.

    X-Ray Inspection

    Microelectronics Clean Room

    The IFAE Microelectronics laboratory features three separate clean areas of increasing quality, mainly dedicated to micro-electronics. It is equipped with cutting edge machinery for solder bump deposition, flip-chip, wire bonding, and all the equipment for packaging of sensors and chips and associated quality control (bond-tester, X-ray scanner, etc.). Altogether, this infrastructure constitutes a unique chip packaging facility in Spain.


      Instrumentation Clean Room

      Lab to test newly built instruments before sending them to the experimental sites (CERN, ORM, JPARC, CTIO, EGO, etc.)

        Shielded Room

        30 m2 shielded room to test large instruments in a low electronic noise environment

          QCT Lab

          Quantum Computing Technologies Lab

          In 2020, the construction of the QCT laboratory at the IFAE Technical Facilities building was completed. The lab now includes three the dilution refrigerators

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