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IFAE Technical Division

  • IFAE Technical Division

    IFAE counts with a strong technical division with about 30 persons including engineers and technicians serving the different projects.

    Technical Division Departments & Services:

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Electronics & Microelectronics
    • Data Acquisition and Control Software
    • IT Services
    • Mechanical Workshop

    Technical Division Areas:

    • Integration & Tests
    • System Engineering & Quality Control

    Technical Facilities

    IFAE has two workshops in which the labs and technical facilities are hosted. The overall surface area is about 1000 m2 and is equipped with heavy-duty cranes (8 and 15 ton), and have access to 200 kW of wall power.

    About 25% of the overall area is devoted to heavy machinery. The rest of the space is taken by two clean rooms (devoted to chip packaging and detector assembly), two electronics labs, a gray room, a separate lab to test newly built instruments, and a large buffer area used to assemble and test large setups before sending them to the experimental sites (CERN, ORM, JPARC, CTIO, EGO, etc.). IFAE also has a 30 m2 shielded room to test large instruments in a low electronic noise environment and an optical laboratory equipped with an optical table and all equipment needed to test optical and infrared detectors, including a cryostat designed and built at IFAE. In addition, IFAE counts with a new area where two dilution refrigerators for the Quantum Computing Technology group are installed.

    See the IFAE technical facilities here

  • Group Members

    IFAE Technical Division


    • Otger Ballester

      Otger Ballester

    • Joan Boix

      Joan Boix

    • Laia Cardiel

      Laia Cardiel

    • Rafael García

      Rafael García

    • Jorge García

      Jorge García

    • José Illa

      José Illa

    • Pau Llanes

      Pau Llanes

    • Julià Mundet

      Julià Mundet

    • Alexandre Perez

      Alexandre Perez

    • Cristóbal Pío

      Cristóbal Pío

    • Carles Puigdengoles

      Carles Puigdengoles

    Research Engineers


    • Carlos Arteche

      Carlos Arteche

    • Noel Delgado

      Noel Delgado

    • Javier Gaweda

      Javier Gaweda

    • Alex González

      Alex González

    • Isaac Lleida

      Isaac Lleida

    • Eric Peregrina

      Eric Peregrina

    • David Roman

      David Roman


    • Alex Guinó

      Alex Guinó