Instrumentation R&D

Instrumented Baffle Render

Instrumented Baffle  (Virgo)

Gravitational Waves Group

IFAE is designing new deflectors (baffles), instrumented with photo-sensors around the main mirrors, for a better interferometer control of the Virgo experiment

Euclid's Filter Wheel Assembly


Filter Wheel Assembly  (Euclid)

Observational Cosmology Group

The filter wheel assembly (FWA) is a critical element of the Euclid’s Near-Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer (NISP). It has been designed, built, assembled and verified by the IFAE and the IEEC-ICE-CSIC.



Raman LIDAR Pathfinder  (CTA)

Gamma-ray Group

Built in Barcelona and installed at the CTA-North site inside the LST-1 construction area in mid-February 2021, the LIDAR will play a fundamental role in characterizing the atmospheric properties and calibrating the data acquired by the CTA telescopes.


Protodune DP

Neutrinos Group

The neutrino group has also been involved in the design and construction of the protoDUNE-DP detector at CERN, which explored the possibility to use a liquid argon dual-phase time projection chamber as far detector for DUNE.



Guiding, Focusing & Alignment Cameras for DESI  (DESI)

Observational Cosmology Group

The Guiding, Focusing and Alignment system (GFA) is made up of 10 cameras, each of them installed in one of the focal plane petals of the instrument which, and as its name indicates, are in charge of focusing, guiding and aligning the telescope so that the robotic positioners can collect the light from the galaxies under optimum conditions.

ITk modules

3D Pixels

3D silicon pixel sensors  (ATLAS)

Collider Physics Group

IFAE in collaboration with CNM led the development of the ultra-radiation-hard 3D silicon pixel sensors for ATLAS. IFAE provided 3D sensors for the innermost pixel layer (IBL) and constructed the first stations for the ATLAS Forward Protons (AFP) tracking system.