Instrumentation R&D

Instrumented Baffle Render


Instrumented Baffle for Virgo

Gravitational Waves Group

IFAE is designing new deflectors (baffles), instrumented with photo-sensors around the main mirrors, for a better interferometer control of the Virgo experiment

LST-1 teslescope


LST telescopes for CTA

Gamma-ray Group

IFAE has played a pivotal role in the construction of the first Large Size Telescope (LST1). Leading the project, IFAE has overseen design, construction, integration, and commissioning of the camera already in operation in the LST1 as well as its control software. IFAE also designed the undercarriage system of the LST.

Euclid's Filter Wheel Assembly


Filter Wheel Assembly for Euclid

Observational Cosmology Group

The filter wheel assembly (FWA) is a critical element of the Euclid’s Near-Infrared Spectrometer and Photometer (NISP). It has been designed, built, assembled and verified by the IFAE and the IEEC-ICE-CSIC.

MAGIC Telescopes


The MAGIC telescopes

Gamma-ray Group

IFAE made major contributions to the development of MAGIC: from the design and construction of the MAGIC-1 camera, to a significant part of the data acquisition electronics of both telescopes, or the central control software.

HERD trigger elecronics


Gamma-ray trigger for HERD

Gamma-ray Group

The IFAE Gamma-ray group is responsible for designing, prototyping, and testing a new, advanced trigger system to detect gamma rays with energies as low as 100 MeV using HERD.



Raman LIDAR Pathfinder for CTA

Gamma-ray Group

The CTA LIDAR will play a fundamental role in characterizing the atmospheric properties and calibrating the data acquired by the CTA telescopes.