MAGIC Telescopes

Instrumentation R&D

The MAGIC telescopes

The MAGIC telescopes

MAGIC Telescopes
The MAGIC Telescopes with the LST1 on the left. Credit: Urs Leutenegger. MAGIC Collaboration

The camera of the first MAGIC telescope, designed and built at IFAE, together with its control system, was in operation between 2003 and 2012. In 2011 - 2012 IFAE coordinated an upgrade of the system after which both telescopes were equipped with higher-granularity cameras, more adequate for joint stereoscopic operation.

MAGIC Camera
The MAGIC Camera Credit: IFAE
MAGIC-1 and the MAGIC control house Credit: IFAE
MAGIC Monster Boards
One of the MONSTER boards developed at IFAE: they convert the analog optical signals sent from the MAGIC cameras to the control house into electrical pulses, ready for digitization. Credit: IFAE
MAGIC control room
The MAGIC control room. IFAE was in charge of developing the central control software, as well as the online data analysis. Credit: IFAE
IFAE has created and operates the MAGIC Data Center, hosted at PIC, which takes care of the automatic transfer, storage, official analysis, reprocessing and access to ~300 TB/yr of data; computing services and support to ~150 users; services for collaborative programming, access to MAGIC public results and interface to Virtual Observatory. Portal: . The IFAE group has had as well a strong contribution to the writing and maintenance of the offline data analysis software
MAGIC Data Center
The MAGIC Data Center, hosted at PIC Credit: PIC