Instrumentation R&D


CMOS Monolithic Devices

Medical Physics Group

HV-CMOS sensors are being investigated for medical applications at IFAE. In particular, for single photon detection, with the aim to overcome the shortcomings of present technologies in terms of detection efficiency, time resolution, design geometry and cost effectiveness.



High Granularity Timing Detector  (ATLAS)

Collider Physics Group

IFAE has been deeply involved in the R&D effort to design and fabricate a timing detector to mitigate the effect of pile-up at the HL-LHC. IFAE proposed and demonstarted the Low Gain Avalanche Detector (LGAD) technology developed at CNM to be used in a HGTD detector.



High temperature superconductor coated conductors

Collider Physics Group

A collaboration between CERN and Spanish centers ICMAB, UPC, ALBA and IFAE was established in 2016 to evaluate high temperature superconductor coated conductors (HTS-CC) as candidates for the beam screens of the Future Circular Collider (FCC-hh).

LST1 Bogies

LST1 - Bogies  (CTA)

Gamma-ray Group

IFAE designed the undercarriage system of the LST, which allows the telescope to rotate in azimuth. It consists of a circular rail and six wheel bogies running on top of it. It is also designed to tolerate strong vertical forces both in the downward and upward directions.


LST1 - Integration and Testing  (CTA)

Gamma-ray Group

IFAE played a leading role in the construction and integration of the camera of the prototype large-sized telescope of CTA, and of its control software. As the telescope nears the end of its commissioning and moves into the early science phase, the group is also leading the development of the LST data analysis software.


ND280 near detector  (T2K)

Neutrinos Group

The neutrinos group plays a key role in the upgrade, with T. Lux being co-leader of the ND280 upgrade, which is a step towards the future generation of long baseline experiments, DUNE in USA and HyperK in Japan, as the upgraded ND280 will serve as the first near detector for HyperK.