Project Update

The Ecotags project selected by I-CERCA for the Ginjol patent fund

September 2, 2020

Medical Physics Group

I-CERCA has included the Ecotags project (Project IP: JG Macias) in the Ginjol patent fund.

The IFAE project to develop an eco-friendly forest fire detector has been one of 8 selected from the 15 competing in this edition.

Ginjol will fund IFAE maintenance costs for the BPSK / QPSK modulation patent for two years and will subsidize the acquisition of a license for access to a worldwide patent search database.

Latest Group News


Deep Detection selected for the Traction phase of the startup acceleration program Lanzadera

May 5, 2021

The IFAE spin-off Deep Detection has been selected for the Traction phase of the program Lanzadera, the startup acceleration program of Juan Roig , president of Mercadona.


Photon counting patent allowed

March 3, 2021

The US patent application based on the photon counting invention has been allowed.

In the Media

DeepDetection featured in El Correo

October 14, 2020

Deep Detection, the spin-off company created from the LINDA project in the innovation program The Collider (Mobile World Capital Barcelona) was featured in the ‘Economy’ section of El Correo