Project Update

The ATLAS High Granularity Timing Detector passes the LHCC/UCG reviews

September 9, 2020

Collider Physics Group

Last week, the ATLAS High Granularity Timing Detector passed the LHCC/UCG reviews. The IFAE ATLAS Pixels group is playing a leading role in sensors (LGADs, with CNM), hybridization, module assembly and ASIC design. The group is also participating in several management positions.

Latest Group News

New Member

New Member in the ATLAS group

November 23, 2021

Jack Harrison has just joined the ATLAS group as a PhD student with an INPhINIT Fellowship.

Instrumentation Milestone

HGTD project milestone achieved

October 6, 2021

Wafers with the ALTIROC2 chip were received this week. This is a major milestone for the HGTD project.R. Casanova played a leading role in the design of the digital part of the chip and its verification.

New Position

Martine Bosman elected as a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences

October 6, 2021

Martine Bosman was recently elected as a Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc). EurASc is a fully independent international association of distinguished scholars that aims to recognize and elect to its membership the best European scientists with a vision for Europe as a whole, transcending national borders, and with the aims of strengthening European science and scientific cooperation.