New Member

New member in the Theory Division

October 7, 2020

Theory Division

Ville Vaskonen has joined the Theory Division as a Postdoctoral researcher

He is interested in early Universe cosmology and particle physics phenomenology. Recently has focused on gravitational wave probes of cosmological phase transitions and primordial black holes.

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New Theory group publications

July 21, 2021

Two new papers on gravitational waves by Theory group member Diego Blas and collaborator Alex Jenkins. Detecting stochastic gravitational waves with binary resonance and Bridging the μHz gap in the gravitational-wave landscape with binary resonance

New IFAE Members

New Member in the Theory Division

July 1, 2021

Diego Blas joins the Theory Division on July 2021 as a Beatriz de Galindo Distinguished Researcher.


10th International Workshop on CHARM Physics (CHARM 2021)

June 4, 2021

IFAE Theory group researchrs Pere Masjuan and Pablo Sánchez contributed talks to the workshop