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The 2021 quantum materials roadmap, Feliciano Giustino et al 2021 J. Phys. Mater. 3 042006, is a Review papers led by Stephan Roche (ICN2). Pol Forn contributed a chapter on Superconductor and semiconductor qubits.

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The QCT group visits Can Franc

December 1, 2021

Members of the QCT group at IFAE visited the Canfranc underground laboratory last week to perform the installation of cryogenic cabling in the dilution refrigerator of the CROSS experiment.


New gas extractor hood installed at IFAE

July 21, 2021

New gas extractor hood installed in the IFAE clean room to be able to carry out part of the in-house manufacturing of chips and thus have better control of the results and production of chips.

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Qilimanjaro in the Media

July 6, 2021

Qilimanjaro Quantum tech is fetaured in 2 online articles this week.