New IFAE Members

New Member in the Theory group

June 2, 2021

Theory Division

Cristian Alarcon has just joined the Theory Group.

Cristian got his physics degree at UAB and has a master’s degree in Modelling for Science and Engineering (UAB) and in Theoretical Physics (IFT UAM)

Welcome, Cristian!

Latest Group News


New Multi-Messenger Paper

November 17, 2021

“Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era – A review” has been uploaded to arXiv. Members of the Gamma-ray, Gravitational Waves and Theory group are among the authors: Diego Blas, Merve Colak, Daniel Kersberg, Manel Martínez, Mario Martínez.

New Paper

New theory group paper - Flavour

November 3, 2021

B Flavour Anomalies: 2021 Theoretical Status Report” by Joquim Matias and David London has been uploaded to arXiv and will be published in the Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science.