LST1's and CTA's First ATEL

July 14, 2021

Gamma-ray Group

The LST-1 and CTA published their first Astronomer’s Telegram (ATEL) on 13 Jul 2021; 21:03 UT: “Detection of very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from BL Lac with the LST-1”

The LST-1 detected very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from BL Lacertae, an active galaxy associated with a powerful radio source found in the constellation Lacerta.

This is an achievement in proving the performance of the LST1 telescope and robustness of its analysis.

LST-1 teslescope

Latest Group News

New Member

New member of the Gamma-ray group

February 23, 2022

Giulio Lucchetta has just started as a new postdoc of the Gamma-ray Group.


First LST observations after the volcano eruption.

February 9, 2022

The CTA LST telescope is back in operation. After a few weeks dedicated to cleaning the site and checking the telescope subsystems, the first sky data were taken in early February.

New Paper

New Gamma-ray group paper

January 12, 2022

agnpy: an open-source python package modelling the radiative processes of jetted active galactic nuclei” by C. Nigro and others has been accepted for publication at the Astronomy & Astrophysics journal.