New Member

New Member in the GW group

November 16, 2021

Gravitational Waves Group

Adrian Macquet has joined the Gravitational Waves group at IFAE as a PostDoc.

Adrian has just finished his PhD in the Virgo group of the ARTEMIS laboratory in Nice, France. He will work mainly on searches for primordial black holes and dark matter in the stochastic background of gravitational waves, and also on detector characterization.

Welcome, Adrian!

Latest Group News


Test facility ETpathfinder enters new phase

March 12, 2024

The IFAE contributions to the ETpathfinder test facility is described in this article “Test facility ETpathfinder enters new phase ”.


Alba Romero-Rodriguez winner of the 2023 Virgo Awards

November 15, 2023

Alba Romero-Rodriguez (former PhD Student at IFAE and now at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel) is one of the wiiners of the third edition of the Virgo Awards

New Publication

New GW group publication

May 8, 2023

Searches for mass-asymmetric compact binary coalescence events using neural networks in the LIGO/Virgo third observation period by M. Andrés-Carcasona, A. Menéndez-Vázquez, M. Martínez, and Ll. M. Mir has been published by Phys.Rev.D