New Member

New Member in the Cosmology group

Ignasi Pérez has just joined the Cosmology Group at IFAE with a PROBIST Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Ignasi obtained his Ph.D. in Pyisics at the University of Barcelona and moved to France for a couple of postdocs in Marseille and in Paris.

He will be working at IFAE with Andreu Font Ribera on the Lyman alpha forest cosmology.

Welcome, Ignasi!

Latest Group News

New Paper

New Cosmology group paper

January 19, 2022

The PAU Survey: Measurements of the 4000 Å spectral break with narrow-band photometry” by members of the Cosmology Group and PIC has been uploaded to arXiv.


The DESI website is now translated to Catalan

January 19, 2022

All the detailed explanations both about the scientific objectives and about the instrumentation and the telescope can now be found in catalan. Marc Manera has led this effort.


New Observational Cosmology Group Paper

November 17, 2021

“CoLoRe: fast cosmological realisations over large volumes with multiple tracers” by César Ramírez and others, has just been uploaded to arXiv