New Member

New Member in the Theory group

January 12, 2022

Theory Division

Francesco Sciotti has just joined the Theory group as a PhD student.

Francesco was born in Rome and completed studies (undergraduate and Master) at the university Sapienza in Rome. His graduate thesis was on the use of scattering amplitudes in the context of the binary gravitational problem, supervised by Prof. Polosa.

Welcome to IFAE, Francesco!

Latest Group News

New Member

New Member in the Theory Division

November 13, 2023

Clara Murgui joins the Theory Division as a Beatriz de Galindo Junior Researcher.

New Publication

New Gamma-ray group publication

September 6, 2023

Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy ” by Cosimo Nigro and others has been accepted and selected as a highlight paper in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

New Publication

New Theory group publication

September 6, 2023

Two papers by Santi Peris and collaborators have been published by Phys. Rev. D and selected as Editors’ Suggestion.