New Paper

New Neutrinos group paper

January 19, 2022

Neutrinos Group

A 4π time-of-flight detector for the ND280/T2K upgrade” by Thorsten Lux and collaborators has been published in Journal of Instrumentation.

The ToF system developed for the T2K ND280 Upgrade is an important improvement compared to the existing ND280 detector and will allow suppressing background coming from the surrounding environment.

Link to arXiv

Latest Group News

New Member

New Member in the Neutrinos group

May 11, 2022

Balint Radics has just joined the Neutrinos group as a María de Zambrano Postdoc researcher.


First field cage for the T2K TPC arrives at CERN

March 2, 2022

The first field cage of the time projections chambers that will be installed in the near detector of T2K have arrived at CERN.

New Paper

New Medical Physics paper

January 26, 2022

The IFAE Neutrino Group in collaboration with research groups from Birmingham and Geneva published a feasibility study about a calorimeter for proton CT applications in “Physics in Medicine & Biology (PMB) “: “A novel range telescope concept for proton CT”.