IFAE at Moriond Cosmology 2022

The Moriond Cosmology took place on January 23-30, La Thuile, Italy. Members of the observational Cosmology group at IFAE contributed to the conference.

  • Talk: “Review on eBOSS and WEAVE-QSO status”, Ignasi Pérez-Ràfols
  • Talk: “Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Redshift Calibration of the MagLim Lens Sample from the combination of SOMPZ and clustering and its impact on Cosmology”, Giulia Giannini
  • Poster: “The CMB lensing imprint of cosmic voids”, Umut Demirbozan

Latest Group News

New Publication

New Cosmology group paper

January 12, 2023

Cosmological Fisher forecasts for next-generation spectroscopic surveys ” by William Doumerg and collaborators has been uploaded to arXiv.

New Member

New Member in the Cosmology group

November 2, 2022

Hui Kong has joined the Observational Cosmology Group as a postdoc researcher.

New Member

New member in the Cosmology Group

October 5, 2022

Santiago Avila has joined the Observational Cosmology group at IFAE as Postdoc researcher.