New HGTD project milestone

February 9, 2022

Collider Physics Group

The first results of charge collection in ALTIROC2 prototypes for HGTD have been carried out at IFAE.

The sensors were fabricated at HPK, the ASIC digital design led by R. Casanova. The devices were fully assembled at IFAE including bump-bonding. The firmware and software were also developed by IFAE (C. Puigdengoles, S. Terzo and L. Castillo).

The results will be presented next week in the HGTD week.

Latest Group News

New Member

New Member in the ATLAS group

September 7, 2022

Gabriel Corrêa has just joined the ATLAS group as a PhD student.


The ALTIROC2 device assembled at IFAE tested for the first time with a particle beam

July 27, 2022

An ALTIROC2 device assembled at IFAE was tested for the first time with a particle beam

New results

New ATLAS results for ICHEP 2022

July 13, 2022

Members of the IFAE-ATLAS team have played a leading role in two of the 31 new results released by ATLAS at ICHEP 2022. The corresponding publications will be submitted to the journal soon.