New Paper

New Theory Group Paper on Gravitational waves from axionic defects

April 20, 2022

Theory Division

High Quality QCD Axion at Gravitational Wave Observatories ” by Ricardo Z. Ferreira, O. Pujolas and collaborators has been published at Physical Review Letters.

The paper shows that the domain walls formed in heavy QCD axion models can generate a stochastic background of gravitational waves within the reach of current and future gravitational wave detectors (e.g. LIGO-VIRGO-KAGRA, LISA). Remarkably, the signal can be disentangled from other sources due to the prediction of correlated signals at near-future neutron and proton electric dipole moments experiments.

Latest Group News

New Member

New Member in the Theory Division

November 13, 2023

Clara Murgui joins the Theory Division as a Beatriz de Galindo Junior Researcher.

New Publication

New Gamma-ray group publication

September 6, 2023

Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy ” by Cosimo Nigro and others has been accepted and selected as a highlight paper in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

New Publication

New Theory group publication

September 6, 2023

Two papers by Santi Peris and collaborators have been published by Phys. Rev. D and selected as Editors’ Suggestion.