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New theory paper on the muon anomalous magnetic moment

May 18, 2022

Theory Division

Evaluation of the three-flavor quark-disconnected contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment from experimental data ” by S. Peris, M. Golterman (IFAE visitor) and collaborators has been published at Physical Review D. The article is highlighted as an Editor’s Suggestion.

From the journal:

“Theory predictions for g-2, the muon’s anomalous magnetic moment, can be made with dispersive methods or with lattice calculations, but some current estimates show tension between the two. This becomes especially important in view of the apparent discrepancy with the experimental value. The authors of this Suggestion show how a subset of contributions to the hadronic vacuum polarization, the leading source of theory uncertainty, can be related to physical observables. The results can help isolate the disagreement between the differing calculations.”

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New Publication

New theory paper on axions

June 8, 2022

Do direct detection experiments constrain axionlike particles coupled to electrons? by Ricardo Z. Ferreira and collaborators has been published at Physical Review Letters.

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Theory Group paper featured in AAS Nova research Highlights

June 1, 2022

New Roads to the Small-scale Universe: Measurements of the Clustering of Matter with the High-redshift UV Galaxy Luminosity Function ” by Diego Blas and collaborators is featured in the AAS Nova research Highlights.

New publication

New theory paper on CP violation

May 25, 2022

New-physics signatures via CP violation in η (0) → π 0 µ + µ − and η 0 → ηµ + µ − decays ” by R. Escribano, E. Royo and P. Sánchez-Puertas has been published in JHEP.