New Member

New Member in the GW group

Monica Seglar-Arroyo is a new postdoc at the GW group with a Juan de la Cierva junior contract.

She got her bachelor form the University of Valencia and obtained her master in Particles, Astroparticles and Relativity from University Grenoble-Alpes. She obtained her PhD from the University of Paris-Saclay, where she worked in very high energy gamma-rays with the H.E.S.S. experiment and CTA, and HAWC, as she passed a year as visitor scholar at Penn State University. For her postdoc, she moved to LAPP (Annecy, France) and joined the Virgo Collaboration, while working with the CTA and LST groups, part time.

Welcome, Monica!

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New Publication

New GW group publication

May 8, 2023

Searches for mass-asymmetric compact binary coalescence events using neural networks in the LIGO/Virgo third observation period by M. Andrés-Carcasona, A. Menéndez-Vázquez, M. Martínez, and Ll. M. Mir has been published by Phys.Rev.D

IFAE organization

New positions in the IFAE Organization

January 16, 2023

Mario Martinez, ICREA professor at IFAE and head of the Gravitational Waves Group, is the new Director of the Experimental Division and takes on the role of IFAE Deputy Director. Martine Bosman, retiring Director of the Experimental Division, assumes the status of IFAE Emeritus.

New Member

New member in the GW Group

October 5, 2022

Catalina Miritescu has just joined the GW group as PhD Student.