La veu còsmica, a podcast combining art and science

June 13, 2023


IFAE participates in the podcast “La Veu còsmica”, an initiative by ICE-CSIC research Lluís Galbany

Lluís Galbany (ICE-CSIC) has joined forces with the poet Esteve Plantada and the musician Joan Garriga to launch an audiovisual podcast called “La Veu Còsmica” that connects art and science

The podcast, available on YouTube , Spotify and Ivoox, features interviews with scientists to bring research in astrophysics and cosmology closer to the general public.

Andreu Font Ribera is the guest in the chapter dedicated to the Large-scale structure of the Universe and dark matter

Diego Bas is the guest in the chapter on Inflation and expansion of the Universe .

Latest Group News

New position

Eugenio Coccia Assumes Chairmanship of Italian Civil Protection Commission

October 4, 2023

Newly appointed President of the Italian Civil Protection Commission Eugenio Coccia, Director of IFAE, will lead the commission for the next five years.

New Member

New Member in the KTT Unit

November 2, 2022

Rodrigo Ortega has joined the KTT Unit at IFAE as a Technician.

New Member

New member in the IFAE Research Projects Office

October 20, 2022

Marcos Castillo has just joined the IFAE Research Projects Office as Project Manager assistant.